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3 DAY WEEKEND!!! NICE...im so excited! tomorrow cara bug krista kathleen and jen r coming over and we're gonna go hunt for witches (dont ask) and wreak havoc on scituate. it should b a good time!

today was really peaceful actually...i did NOTHING! except take a quiz in history 1st period...besides that my day was so easy. in comp i worked on my publisher project...in religion we did brain teasers...in english we watched the crucible...in science lockett wasnt here (sweet deal) and she left us a motherload of crap to do but we just sat there...for lunch i had fries and dirt pudding...wut i like to call the get fat quick diet. in french wessen wasnt here (ALLELUIA!) so we sat there and did nothing. in alg we did calc stuff. drivers ed was EXTREMELY boring today...i caught myself dozing off a couple times...it was the lady's bday today tho...love how i still dont know her name lol

i g2g find sum1 that can interpret my utterly strange dreams...
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