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aj's on 7th heaven 2nite!

yeah nice job updating :\

on fri bug and cara came over and we sat around for awhile and then we carved pumpkins...that was interesting...lets just say they didnt exactly look like pumpkins when we were done. then krista and jen came over and we surprised krista by calling taking back sunday...she completely flipped out! it was hilarious! then we looked for weird clothes in my basement. we found a bunch of my dads old trucker hats and i found this gold sparkly blouse that my mom had from the 80s. then we were gonna go witch-hunting, but since there weren't many kids around we decided to go trick-or-treating. i wore the gold blouse, a paper vest, a maroon zip-up sweatshirt, my guy shorts, and a blue trucker hat. bug wore a blonde wig and a red trucker hat...she looked like a cross between jessica simpson, nick lachey, and dax. cara wore her brothers army clothes, jen wore random stuff, and krista was the loser that stood in the back and didnt dress up and didnt ask for candy. @ one house this lady gave us quarters and then stared us down as we walked away...wut a witch. then krista tried to use a skateboard and she kinda lost her balance...funny stuff. cara and i wanted to walk to kims house but the others thought it would be too far. that nite we were up til 5 talking about literally everything!

saturday i sat around and did nothing. then i babysat bobby and tessa that nite. when i got home i taught myself to play drunk girl on the keyboard.

sunday was the mother-daughter breakfast. it was ok. the mass was wicked boring cuz the priest kept going off about how we reminded him of janis joplin. the breakfast was pretty good...i sat w/ marybeth and kerri. our table got to eat first which i guess is good cuz i heard that it was disgusting for the people at the end. i wanted to shoot the speaker...she thought she was the sh*t and she basically taught us wut we had already learned @ the lockin. then i did hw from the time i got home til 11. good times :\

today was looooooong. in religion cronan assigned a years worth of hw due thurs. in english we had a vocab quiz and then watched the crucible. in anat we watched a movie on protein synthesis. in french we did nothing. in alg we took a quiz. in history we did nothing. in study i worked on my math hw. after school bug and i went to the comp lab and i worked on my restaurant. then i went to the gym.

must get my hw done cuz aj's gonna be on 7th heaven tonite! he plays a troubled youth whos in jail and gets counseling from roxanne...u better watch!
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