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wow im bored...

yeah so the rents r home...o joy...my dad came home wicked pissed off for no reason which was pretty cool

i had to wake up @ 8 this morning to feed the cats and then i couldnt get back to sleep so i watched the wiggles...fun times. then at 10 i got a call from sister mary...that made my day. then i made chocolate chip pancakes for the 1st time in months.

bug and i are going to see guys and dolls @ eastern nazarene 2nite w/ my church youth group...brings back memories of middle school days seeing west side story w/ colton and that other show in 8th grade (kiss me kate was it?). so yeah it should be a good time!

MAVINS EP COMES OUT ON 12/5!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! i saw their little ditty on the website about it last night and i died about 2500 times...and best of all...the first 1000 copies ordered will be autographed by each band member!!!!!! SOOOOO EXCITED!!! u know ill be up til midnite on the 5th to be one of the first to order it lol.

i need food...
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