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today was once again pretty boring...in french we went over le grand concours (this test we took yesterday), in fidler we did nothing except watch those disgusting bugs climb all over the window, in sally we did some packet, in computers i worked on my restaurant which FINALLY has a name...adelina's kitchen.

then cronan made us go to 1st lunch AGAIN! i was wicked pissed...but then we got back at him by completely ditching his class...he had gone downstairs to buy lunch and he gave us an assignment to do but then fontana opened the door and said we could come in and watch mulan with her class...and cronan obviously didnt give a crap. so yeah then in english we took a quiz and read more of the crucible, and in lockett we talked about vernal pools and took notes. then i had drivers ed after school which was (once again) uneventful.

so now after looking at pics of chad michael murray for the past hour and a 1/2 im actually gonna go start my hw...
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